By: Muhammad Muhibbuddin*


Nahdlatul Ulama (NU), early was built by traditional ulama’ on January, 31st , 1926 is an islamic social organization that has a few function to solve social problems. There are many matters concerning with existence of NU either in the national domain or global domain. And historically, NU always plays vital action in the life of society. Since it’s birth, NU had have a big contribution to Indonesia, especially, when the nation struggled hardly to reached freedom from colonialism empire. And in the global stage, NU becomes had ever pioneer of the save of the plainning of Wahabism movement that would destroy grave of Prophet Muhammad SAW. The others merits of NU, certainly, are still so much.

But , NU needen’t fall asleep with big merits that had been reached. Even, now, NU must work more hardly to society and world. Because of the longer the time, the problems of NU more complexs. There are many problems of politic, economy, social, culture etc, that must be faced by NU. In Indonesia it self, there are many state problems that have not be able to be solved perfectly. The problem of such as corruption, proverty, education and conflict among Indonesian people are a few riel problems that until now still exist strongly. As path of community of Indonesian scholars, NU has moral and intellectual responsibelity to help the nation to free from the shackles of the problems. To actualize spirit of it’s intellectual, NU must play social movements concretely to answer the nation problem above.

Indonesia islamic scholars


In the long time, moslem scholars of Indonesia always becomes main actor to face and solve nation problems. Even Indonesia itself, was built by islamic scholars, inspite of it is not fully. But at least, islamic scholars: kiai or ulama, especially islamic scholars of NU, since years ago had becomes pillar of social movement of Indonesia. Such as in freedom era, there were many figure of Islam for about it, especially from NU, such as KH. Hasyim Asy’ari, KH. Wahid Hasyim KH. Ahmad Dahlan and HOS. Cokroaminoto and so on.

Even, in the erlier, moslem scholars with the others had became main pillar of history of social and intellectual movement of Indonesian people. It is based on thesis of Yudi Latif (2005), it is true that action of intellectual or spesific social function of people of ideas at this archipelago, since long time, is moved by pandita, resi, kiai or ulama. Yet, using term “intelektual” and “intellegensia” and ist’s derivation in the context of modern Indonesia refers to a social formation and specific line of history, that appearened as consecuence from be introduction of western educational system in this nation—-early it is actualised by Netherland governmant, and so on it is actualised by the social institution. This evidence that islamic scholar is pioneer of social action of the Indonesia nation. This great value of the indonesian islamic scholars have to be revitalized now. This is to improve civilization of the world, especially Indonesia.

NU as a reference


As spirit of revitalization of movement of social of islamic scholars above, NU must start the programe from itself. Because of NU is a largest islamic scholar organization in Indonesia even in the world. As biggest islamic scholars organization , NU must be able to a pioneer to move social spirit of islamic intellectuals of Indonesia. NU must be reference of succesfull of islamic scholars social movement. Aslike according to Said Aqiel Siradj (2008) it’s time NU becomes a refrence (maraji’). Because NU was built before the birth of a nation that is called Indonesia. And as long as that too, NU gives it contribution on and on. To really become succesfull measure, now, NU must be more active to be a front movement to increase social work that is usefull to solve human being problems. Social function of scholars of NU must be revitalized. It’s mean, the social works must be main priority by intellectual of NU.

In the Indonesian context, to actualize the programe, kiais or ulamas of NU, now, must descend to Indonesian society and nahdliyyin people. These scholars of NU should live near with member of society. They must be inclusive and egalite. When these scholars of NU near with Indonesian society, especially nahdliyyin people, they must know problems or troubles of people truelly. NU should know how is condition economy, education, politic, culture and social Indonesian people, especially, nahdliyyin people.

Now, there are many Indonesian people, especially nahdliyyin people, that live under poverty, stupidity and underdeveleopment. This is an indication that our people now experience press of problem complextly that includes economy, education, cultur and so on. If NU will have known about it truelly, NU must be able to make identification the problems and later to solve them. By this working, NU really give a concrete contribution to Indonesian society and state, especially nahdliyyin people.

Beside increasing social working in the Indonesia stages, NU also must give contribution to world. The dedication of NU, as actualization of revitalization social work of NU to be a reference of succesfull of islamic scholars movement, is not only for Indonesia, but also for the world. Actually, for participation of building the future of the world, NU has been successful to organize International Conference Of Islamic Scholars (ICIS). This conference has been organized by NU twice. In the global stage, NU via ICIS forum, acts to make dialogue intercivilization. The conference has many members of the nations of the world, especially from islamic nation. This is a significant programe to uphold peacefull of the world.

The programe of NU above, now, is more significant when we watchs Gaza crisis. Israel attack to Palestine really breaks the peacefull in the world. Because of it, tention between Islam and West ceartain increas. Based on this fact, NU must be more intensive to build universal peacefull. ICIS forum that has been organized last time must be followed up by NU concretely to support and keep peacefull of the world. If NU really can do the programe either for Indonesia or the world, NU will be suitable as reference of successful of movement of islamic scholars in Indonesia and in the world. It’s time NU doing social action to be better .

*Muhammad Muhibbuddin is Director of Lembaga Kajian Kutub Yogyakarta (LKKY) and coordinator of phillosopical forum “Linkaran ‘06” in Ushuluddin faculty, UIN Sunan kalijaga Yogyakarta.




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